Monday, December 3, 2012

Yokwe Bomilay

Yokwe Bomilay (Hello Family),
  We had an awesome week. So many miracles.  Marshalese networking....complete.  We'll be baptising Jonah in two weeks.  She is marshalese and is living with her cousin who has an active family.  She is great, we found her this week. Took her on a church tour and a baptism and she came to church.  Networking with the Marshalese is going really good.  You know that when all the families know your name and they know when you visit the marshalese families in the area cause they all talk about it.  We are hoping to start teaching 4 or 5 more marshalese this week.  My marshalese is getting really good.  Hopefully in a month or so I can teach half the lesson in Marshalese. 
  We put 5 people on date for baptism in December. It was a good week for that. Also at church this Sunday, Martin just came to church on his own. He was sitting on the couch in the foyer at 11 o clock waiting for church to start.  We will start teaching him and his Sister on wednesday.  They are from Nigeria. It's going to be a miraculous month.
  Hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Clark

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