Monday, October 31, 2011

Where did I put those rain pants?...

Good Morning!
   This week has been a pretty good week.  We were able to talk with more of our potential investigators which was good and we had more lessons.  We didnt have a baptism this weekend.  Although Andrea did say she wanted to be baptised this weekend.  With the trunk or treat and everything else are ward was doing our bishop did not feel it would be a good weekend for the baptism.  So I think were scheduling her baptism for friday.  Its kind of been a nightmare trying to schedule it.  We have started teaching this hawaiin girl.  She has two kids and a husband. Were hoping that we can get her progressing. In our ward there is a lot of part member families. Most of the families the member is less active but were trying to visit those families and get the member active and again and baptise the others.  The trunk or treat on saturday was huge. There was a potluck before then a little carnival with a lot of games then there was the trunk or treat.  It was a pretty good event and the biggest trunk or treat I have ever seen. There was a lot of non members and less actives who came. 
   It's hard to believe that this is the second to last week of the transfer.  Brother and Sister Long are planning to move to Utah this summer, and they mentioned we might be the last missionaries to stay there.  It will be interesting to see what happens if I end up staying in the Jovita Creek ward.  Its getting colder and colder.  I think we had two sunny days this past week which was a surprise.  We got soaked a couple of times as well.  I would be okay with the rain if I had like rain pants or something.  My striped suit is going to be pretty worn by the end of the two years.  We have to wear our suit if we wear a rain coat.  So my striped suit is my work suit and I wear my other suit on sundays. 
   Our zone this month has baptised 22 people.  The most that Federal Way Zone has ever baptised is 23, so we were just a little short.  But I guess that the federal way stake does this big nativity event the first couple of days in december.  People have said that a lot of non members attend that.  Hopefully some good missionary experiences will come from that.  We havent received any referrals yet.  Our mission has had a lot of miracles come from the advertisment campaign however.  We have this DVD of all the video profiles.  I was watching one night and I was watching this womens video.  And she said her hometown is overland park, kansas.  I was a little shocked.  Her name is kelly lineback and she is involved with humanitarian aid.  She started this free dental clinic in honduras with her daughters.  I thought it was pretty cool.
   Well things sound pretty exciting back home with wesley and tanners football.  I was a little concerned for the local lenexa drivers when I heard that Reagan was driving. Dad sounds really busy which is good.  Hopefully everything works out with the legal case.  I was wondering if you can make me some music cd's? It has to be hymns. I like some just instrumental songs.  And try to get a little variety and not just the mormon tablenacle choir singing, (not that they arn't good) just need something different.  And if you can send me a cd of the talk missionary work and the atonement by Elder Holland.  And I will let you know my christmas list next week..I have to think a little.  Have a good day and week!
   Love, Elder Clark

Monday, October 24, 2011

Did I say Halloween? I meant...

Good Morning!
   Well another week has came and gone by.  It was a pretty good week.  We only had 13 lessons, which was kind of a bummer.  Especially since in Federal Way ward  we got like 30 lessons a week.  But each area is different.  Mike Crump who I talked about in my last letter was baptised on saturday.  Which was awesome.  He called me on tuesday night and said he wanted to be baptised on saturday and hoped that would be enough time.  I said it was plenty.  The Bishop baptised him.  Also I attended the baptism of Peter Gray before Mike's.  Peter decided to get baptised and what was really cool is that his dad Scott Gray was the one who baptised him.  Elder Park and I were the witnesses and Scott had a little trouble getting the prayer right.  But he got finally, he was a little embarrassed.  He also said that he is hopeful that his son Jon would be baptised this saturday.  So that is really cool, especially since only Jacob came to the baptism, the rest of the Greys were preparing for a wedding. 
   This week was a building foundation week.  We didnt have too many lessons, but we talked with a lot of our potentials and found some families that want us too come back.  So we built a lot of good relations.  The flores family is doing good.  Andrea still doesnt know when she wants to baptised.  We had a pretty funny experience.  Yesterday while tracting we knocked on this door and this little black girl opened it.  We asked if her parents were home. She opened the door further and this black guy said to come on in and take our shoes off.  We walked in and went in to the family room.  There was a man and his wife.  And we sat down and starting asking us questions.  It turns out they are from Kenya, they came to America 3 years ago. He told us that we were welcome in his home anytime and that if we needed a place to stay that we could stay with him and he was completely serious. So a really nice guy and family.  I mentioned halloween and the trunk or treat at our church that was a bad idea.  He thinks halloween is bad and that we shouldnt celebrate the dead.  But were going back to tomorrow to see his family. 
   Other than that not a whole is going on.  I think I might be getting sick.  It rained almost everyday last week. We got pretty soaked a couple of times.  We had a really good dinner with a member yesterday.  They made us steak with crab on top, it was really good! There was also mashed potatoes and corn bread. It was the best dinner I have had so far. 
   It is always a great day when west beats east. It's too bad that wesley's didnt have much luck but it sounds like they are improving and that is cool that Wes got a interception.  Hopefully everything is going good. I hope your case can get resolved. That is exciting about Kurt going to Africa. Did you get my letter about the CD's and music.  And if you can find the talk "Missionary Work and the Atonement" by Elder Holland..could you put it on a CD and send it to me. Its a really good talk.  The pictures were cool. Hope everyone has a good week and I Love You!
Elder Clark

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Hours to fill the font

   This week was a bit better than last.  It was like a roller coaster..there were some pretty big downs but we're on the up hill climb.  We have potential for a baptism this week.  His name is mike crump. His wife is a less active member who is becoming more active. She just accepted a calling to work with the young women.  Mike doesnt want to commit to a date though.  Last wednesday we gave him the full court press with baptism.  Elder Barker who replaced Elder Bunton as zone leader was with us.  And we read about three o four scriptures that were pushing baptism.  He said it gave him some good things to think about.  Yesterday we met with him.  He still didnt want to commit. But he asked how long does it take to set up a baptism, I just said two hours to fill the fount.  He will probably be baptised saturday..maybe before then.  We are trying to get into a samoan house, which could be a lot of baptisms.
   The Grays and the Andrews baptism unforunately did not happen this week.  I was looking forward to be able to go to that.  I guess some of their friends told them you have to be perfect to be baptised and that they didnt even know what the priesthood was.  So they got a little scared.  Elder Park says they should be baptised soon, probably sometime in October.  I can't believe its already October 17.  Weeks just fly by.  Christmas will be here before I know it. 
   Living with the Long's is interesting.  We have to take three minute showers...which is really hard for me.  And he doesnt turn the heater on in the basement where we live.  So it gets pretty cold down there,  The weather is getting cold.  It rains everyday for at least a few hours.  Which isnt too fun when on bike. Brother Long also has some pretty crazy ideas.  He is pretty conservative (Dad would get a long with him pretty good). He is great though.  Him and Sister Long have had missionaries in their house for 4 years.  Sister Long is really nice.  She is a teacher assistant at a elementary school. 
   That legal case sounds interesting and hard.   Tanners and Wesley games sound really fun.  I wish I could see them.  That is good that Tanner is enjoying and getting playing time at different positions.  Wesley it seems like you throw an interception every week :) I know of course its not your fault.  Hopefully you had a good birthday, and spend wisely.  Reagan that is great that your a great seminary student.  Seminary was a 4 year struggle for me.  That is crazy that Chris Woods just got home, seemed like he just left. Well anyway hope everyone has a great week. I love you!
Elder Clark

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"98% chance I won't get transferred"...

    This week was pretty crazy.  I know it will be another crazy week this week.  The baptism we were suppose to have, didnt happen. We called the boys father an hour before the baptism and he said he was called into work and that Matt was in downtown Seattle with his mom.  So that was too bad. The bishop and 5 other members were waiting for the baptism to happen too. 
    We are still teaching the Gray family.  Peter and Jon are getting close to baptism.  And Jeremy and Christian will be baptised if they get baptised.  On Saturday night we opened up the church for the Marshallese people to come play basketball because they love it for some reason.  There was like 9 people there.  That was fun.  I really liked conference as well, we watched all the sessions at the church. 
    Here's a funny and embarrassing story.  We went to visit the Marshallese people on Thursday.  It was around 4 o' clock so all the kids were home.  All the kids were outside in the yard.  When we got close to them our phone rang and I answered the phone it was a member.  As I was talking, Lorrieanne who is five started coming towards me wanting a hug.  They dont understand we can't give hugs.  So I started backing pedaling and shaking my head.  As I was back pedaling I tripped over a root and fell on my back.  The back of my shirt got all muddy because the grass is always a little wet. And then she jumped on me.  It was embarrassing.  I had to go home and change. 
    But the big news of the week is I got transferred.  Sunday night we finished planning, then we had transfer calls with the president because I'm with zone leaders I got to hear a little early.  I was really shocked when I got transferred.  Because with the new training program I'm suppose to stay with my trainer for 12 weeks. Elder Bunton, (who went home yesterday)  said the only way I'd be transferred was if something crazy happened.  Well I got transferred in zone to Jovita Creek.  So im still in Federal Way Zone just not in the federal way ward anymore.  Which is a little sad.  I loved the Gray family.  Yesterday we visited them (my last time) and I brought them all chocolate.  Marshallese people are great.  Their so humble and kind.  On Sunday night we visited the Note family.  Elder Bunton taught and baptized them and he wanted to see them before he left.  Loraine and her 4 children were home.  And she had just made them hanburgers. After our short lesson, she gave us hamburgers.  We felt bad because we knew they were for her kids but if we would have said no she would be sad.  I also am getting pretty good. I can say hello, hows life?, thank you, good, im tired and few other phrases  in Marshallese.  But in Jovita Creek there are no Marshallese people unfortunately.
  This will be an interesting week since it's my first week in this area.  Hope everything is going good.  Thats too bad that wesley lost his game.  Does tanner like playing center or linebacker better?  Thats cool that you saw ziller..he's  a goof ball.  Not much else to write.  I'm really tired hopefully we have time for a nap today.  I haven't been sleeping too well these past couple of nights probably because Im a little stressed.  But it should be a good week.  Love you, have a good day!