Monday, October 31, 2011

Where did I put those rain pants?...

Good Morning!
   This week has been a pretty good week.  We were able to talk with more of our potential investigators which was good and we had more lessons.  We didnt have a baptism this weekend.  Although Andrea did say she wanted to be baptised this weekend.  With the trunk or treat and everything else are ward was doing our bishop did not feel it would be a good weekend for the baptism.  So I think were scheduling her baptism for friday.  Its kind of been a nightmare trying to schedule it.  We have started teaching this hawaiin girl.  She has two kids and a husband. Were hoping that we can get her progressing. In our ward there is a lot of part member families. Most of the families the member is less active but were trying to visit those families and get the member active and again and baptise the others.  The trunk or treat on saturday was huge. There was a potluck before then a little carnival with a lot of games then there was the trunk or treat.  It was a pretty good event and the biggest trunk or treat I have ever seen. There was a lot of non members and less actives who came. 
   It's hard to believe that this is the second to last week of the transfer.  Brother and Sister Long are planning to move to Utah this summer, and they mentioned we might be the last missionaries to stay there.  It will be interesting to see what happens if I end up staying in the Jovita Creek ward.  Its getting colder and colder.  I think we had two sunny days this past week which was a surprise.  We got soaked a couple of times as well.  I would be okay with the rain if I had like rain pants or something.  My striped suit is going to be pretty worn by the end of the two years.  We have to wear our suit if we wear a rain coat.  So my striped suit is my work suit and I wear my other suit on sundays. 
   Our zone this month has baptised 22 people.  The most that Federal Way Zone has ever baptised is 23, so we were just a little short.  But I guess that the federal way stake does this big nativity event the first couple of days in december.  People have said that a lot of non members attend that.  Hopefully some good missionary experiences will come from that.  We havent received any referrals yet.  Our mission has had a lot of miracles come from the advertisment campaign however.  We have this DVD of all the video profiles.  I was watching one night and I was watching this womens video.  And she said her hometown is overland park, kansas.  I was a little shocked.  Her name is kelly lineback and she is involved with humanitarian aid.  She started this free dental clinic in honduras with her daughters.  I thought it was pretty cool.
   Well things sound pretty exciting back home with wesley and tanners football.  I was a little concerned for the local lenexa drivers when I heard that Reagan was driving. Dad sounds really busy which is good.  Hopefully everything works out with the legal case.  I was wondering if you can make me some music cd's? It has to be hymns. I like some just instrumental songs.  And try to get a little variety and not just the mormon tablenacle choir singing, (not that they arn't good) just need something different.  And if you can send me a cd of the talk missionary work and the atonement by Elder Holland.  And I will let you know my christmas list next week..I have to think a little.  Have a good day and week!
   Love, Elder Clark

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