Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Two Hours to fill the font

   This week was a bit better than last.  It was like a roller coaster..there were some pretty big downs but we're on the up hill climb.  We have potential for a baptism this week.  His name is mike crump. His wife is a less active member who is becoming more active. She just accepted a calling to work with the young women.  Mike doesnt want to commit to a date though.  Last wednesday we gave him the full court press with baptism.  Elder Barker who replaced Elder Bunton as zone leader was with us.  And we read about three o four scriptures that were pushing baptism.  He said it gave him some good things to think about.  Yesterday we met with him.  He still didnt want to commit. But he asked how long does it take to set up a baptism, I just said two hours to fill the fount.  He will probably be baptised saturday..maybe before then.  We are trying to get into a samoan house, which could be a lot of baptisms.
   The Grays and the Andrews baptism unforunately did not happen this week.  I was looking forward to be able to go to that.  I guess some of their friends told them you have to be perfect to be baptised and that they didnt even know what the priesthood was.  So they got a little scared.  Elder Park says they should be baptised soon, probably sometime in October.  I can't believe its already October 17.  Weeks just fly by.  Christmas will be here before I know it. 
   Living with the Long's is interesting.  We have to take three minute showers...which is really hard for me.  And he doesnt turn the heater on in the basement where we live.  So it gets pretty cold down there,  The weather is getting cold.  It rains everyday for at least a few hours.  Which isnt too fun when on bike. Brother Long also has some pretty crazy ideas.  He is pretty conservative (Dad would get a long with him pretty good). He is great though.  Him and Sister Long have had missionaries in their house for 4 years.  Sister Long is really nice.  She is a teacher assistant at a elementary school. 
   That legal case sounds interesting and hard.   Tanners and Wesley games sound really fun.  I wish I could see them.  That is good that Tanner is enjoying and getting playing time at different positions.  Wesley it seems like you throw an interception every week :) I know of course its not your fault.  Hopefully you had a good birthday, and spend wisely.  Reagan that is great that your a great seminary student.  Seminary was a 4 year struggle for me.  That is crazy that Chris Woods just got home, seemed like he just left. Well anyway hope everyone has a great week. I love you!
Elder Clark

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