Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving times 2

Dear Family,
  Well it seems like a great week with the State Championship, sounded like so much fun! We had a pretty good week here in Federal Way. Jay's baptism was great.  Greg (A recent of convert of a couple months) baptised him. He has a goal to do another baptism before the end of the year. He has already done 4.  Also one of our investigators is progressing very well. Her name is Joy, she is from Kosrie. She came to church and loved it. We talked about how her prayers were going, and she said good and that baptism could be very soon.  We are meeting with her tonight, possibly moving her baptism up to the 8th of December. 
  Transfer news is that Elder Brimhall got transfered.  Not very far though. They took Sis Hirano and Choi out of Lakota Creek and replaced them with Elder Brimhall and his companion.  So there are now 4 elders in the ward.  And this transfer, I am training. I am pretty excited about it.  My companion is Elder Savage and he is from the bay area in California.
  We possibly could be having a baptism this weekend, if we can help Joe and Julie get there marriage license today.  We had a very good thanksgiving. We ate so much food. We ate dinner around 4 o clock with members, then from 5:30 to 7 we tracted. At 7 we went to this marshalese family and there were over 60 people there and they were just starting dinner.  Of course, they brought us this huge plate of food. I thought I was going to go into a food coma.  Also some exciting news.  Sylbia, Scott Grays wife was baptised last weekend. So now most of the family has been baptised except for one or two of the sons. 
Love, Elder Clark

Monday, November 19, 2012

You Remember Me?

Dear Family,
  This was a great week!  On Sunday it was Stake Conference.  And …I got to see the Grays! It was awesome. The whole family was there.  And the Dad, Scott Gray was ordained an Elder yesterday as well.  It was great! I got to see my best friend Laurieann. I went and sat next to her, and she was like “you remember me?” All the kids look so grown up, it was crazy. 
  Our investigator has quit smoking for two weeks now, thanks to the hard candy werthers original.  We gave him 3 bags in the last two weeks.  He will be baptized this Saturday. We are making some great head way, with the marshalese in our area.  We visited the Candles, a marshalese family in our ward.  Sis Candle is the sweetest lady, she is going through breast cancer right now and she just finished kemo.  After we shared a chivic kaduk (quick lesson), she asked us to teach her nephew who is in the 8th grade. 3 or 4 days ago he moved here from the islands. So we will hopefully baptize him this Sunday after church.   Unfortunately our investigators girlfriend who is a member moved their marriage back to the first week in December.  So as of now he will not be getting baptized this weekend.  But we will still want to talk with Julie and try and get it pushed back up to November. 
  I can’t believe it is already December, it is crazy.  Thanksgiving will be fun; we get to do a zone activity in the morning.  Oh, by the way Sister Webster talked with President Larkin (he came to Stake Conf this weekend) and asked about seeing me and President Larkin said no.  Which I am grateful I didn’t have to do.  In the missionary handbook were suppose to discourage those type of things. 
  Its going to be a busy Holiday season. We have been promised by President Larkin that we can baptize 10 people before the end of year. So we have to get to work!  Transfers are next week.  I am about 99.3% sure I will stay. I think Elder Brimhall will probably get transferred though.  But we will see..
Have fun at State this weekend!
Love, Elder Clark

Monday, November 12, 2012

I'll take choir definitions for 200 Alex

Dear Family,
  Well it was a pretty good week in Lakota Creek.  It is definitely the winter, but I really dont get too cold.  Whenever we are outside, were always running so that keeps us warm.  We had a great Sacrament meeting, 5 of our investigators were there. Unfortunately the one that we were really counting on was not there. He drives trucks and starts at 3 in the morning on Sunday and ends at 11am.  But we'll get him there somehow. We found him this week and had a really powerful church tour with him.  We also found this man from Malouwi (spelling is probably wrong) in Africa. He came to church and has been to church before and is living the commandments, so we will probably baptise him soon. 
  The choir did a musical number for veterans day.  And we have seen the choir practice the past several weeks and the number of male singers were lacking. So we offerered to participate.  We only had the practice on the day we were performing, and I needed like a choir dictionary. I didnt know what half the words the choir director was saying meant. But it ended up being really good.  We sang America the Beautiful. 
  Kelly Gleed is the bishops wife. We ate dinner with them last sunday and they took our picture.  Stake Conf is this week. I am pretty excited about that. I will be  able to hopefully see the Flores family from Jovita Creek and the Gray family in Federal Way.  Bonus to have served in three wards in the same stake is that you know half the stake. 
  I have to thank Grandma for the Armor of God activity from Alma 50.  I have used it several times this past week.  We teach a lot of islander families and their kids are everywhere.  But it helps when their is an activity. Although sometimes they take the bow and arrow part a little too far.  I am trying to crack into the marshalese families that live in our area. But it's tough because their are two big families and the fathers are both pastors for a big marshalese church in Auburn.  It's all about connections/networking and understanding their culture. Once you get in, you'll have the potential to baptise a lot.
  Well good luck this week against Lawrence.  We need revenge from when they beat us in basketball in substate.  Sounds like Dad will have a good week in Orlando.  Have a wonderful week!
Love, Elder Clark

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day late...r

Dear Family,
  Well we are going to the temple today, which is why I am writing on Tuesday.  We had an ok week this week. I really havent had to much experience with investigators who have heavy addictions. They want to be baptised but are not ready to make the changes neccessary.  So will be giving them some time and let God prepare them some more. 
  One of our investigators will be getting baptised on the 24th.  We have been really bold with him and his girlfriend in our lessons to help them to see how they need to get married and baptised as soon as possible.  His girlfriend is a member and she bore a really heartfelt testimony on Sunday. Then they told us after church that they are going to get married on the 24th and we'll have the baptism the same day.
  Barbra was baptised in May Valley. That was awesome to hear! I found her with one of the priests, and when we found her she was really sad. Her husband of over 50 years had died a couple of weeks before.  I also got a package from Sis Robins this week.  I love the Robins. They are awesome.  Hopefully I will see her at the temple.  She works there on Tuesdays. 
  Exciting news about football.  Hopefully Tanner can keep winning so they can make it to state. Good luck. 
Lots of Love, Elder Clark