Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day late...r

Dear Family,
  Well we are going to the temple today, which is why I am writing on Tuesday.  We had an ok week this week. I really havent had to much experience with investigators who have heavy addictions. They want to be baptised but are not ready to make the changes neccessary.  So will be giving them some time and let God prepare them some more. 
  One of our investigators will be getting baptised on the 24th.  We have been really bold with him and his girlfriend in our lessons to help them to see how they need to get married and baptised as soon as possible.  His girlfriend is a member and she bore a really heartfelt testimony on Sunday. Then they told us after church that they are going to get married on the 24th and we'll have the baptism the same day.
  Barbra was baptised in May Valley. That was awesome to hear! I found her with one of the priests, and when we found her she was really sad. Her husband of over 50 years had died a couple of weeks before.  I also got a package from Sis Robins this week.  I love the Robins. They are awesome.  Hopefully I will see her at the temple.  She works there on Tuesdays. 
  Exciting news about football.  Hopefully Tanner can keep winning so they can make it to state. Good luck. 
Lots of Love, Elder Clark

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