Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"98% chance I won't get transferred"...

    This week was pretty crazy.  I know it will be another crazy week this week.  The baptism we were suppose to have, didnt happen. We called the boys father an hour before the baptism and he said he was called into work and that Matt was in downtown Seattle with his mom.  So that was too bad. The bishop and 5 other members were waiting for the baptism to happen too. 
    We are still teaching the Gray family.  Peter and Jon are getting close to baptism.  And Jeremy and Christian will be baptised if they get baptised.  On Saturday night we opened up the church for the Marshallese people to come play basketball because they love it for some reason.  There was like 9 people there.  That was fun.  I really liked conference as well, we watched all the sessions at the church. 
    Here's a funny and embarrassing story.  We went to visit the Marshallese people on Thursday.  It was around 4 o' clock so all the kids were home.  All the kids were outside in the yard.  When we got close to them our phone rang and I answered the phone it was a member.  As I was talking, Lorrieanne who is five started coming towards me wanting a hug.  They dont understand we can't give hugs.  So I started backing pedaling and shaking my head.  As I was back pedaling I tripped over a root and fell on my back.  The back of my shirt got all muddy because the grass is always a little wet. And then she jumped on me.  It was embarrassing.  I had to go home and change. 
    But the big news of the week is I got transferred.  Sunday night we finished planning, then we had transfer calls with the president because I'm with zone leaders I got to hear a little early.  I was really shocked when I got transferred.  Because with the new training program I'm suppose to stay with my trainer for 12 weeks. Elder Bunton, (who went home yesterday)  said the only way I'd be transferred was if something crazy happened.  Well I got transferred in zone to Jovita Creek.  So im still in Federal Way Zone just not in the federal way ward anymore.  Which is a little sad.  I loved the Gray family.  Yesterday we visited them (my last time) and I brought them all chocolate.  Marshallese people are great.  Their so humble and kind.  On Sunday night we visited the Note family.  Elder Bunton taught and baptized them and he wanted to see them before he left.  Loraine and her 4 children were home.  And she had just made them hanburgers. After our short lesson, she gave us hamburgers.  We felt bad because we knew they were for her kids but if we would have said no she would be sad.  I also am getting pretty good. I can say hello, hows life?, thank you, good, im tired and few other phrases  in Marshallese.  But in Jovita Creek there are no Marshallese people unfortunately.
  This will be an interesting week since it's my first week in this area.  Hope everything is going good.  Thats too bad that wesley lost his game.  Does tanner like playing center or linebacker better?  Thats cool that you saw ziller..he's  a goof ball.  Not much else to write.  I'm really tired hopefully we have time for a nap today.  I haven't been sleeping too well these past couple of nights probably because Im a little stressed.  But it should be a good week.  Love you, have a good day!

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