Monday, September 26, 2011

Brayden is now from the Marshall Islands!

Dear Family,
  Everything is going really good in Federal Way.  Its starting to be cloudy and rain everyday but its not too bad.  We had another baptism this week.  I baptized and confirmed Jason Gray. I baptized his dad and one of his brother last week.  This week were hoping to get more of the Gray Family.  Yesterday was the primary program and I got to participate in that,  The primary chorister asked the missionaries to sing praise to the man with the senior primary so we stood up and did that with them.  The primary program was good.  We were able to get Sylvia Gray there to watch three of her kids perform.  Sylvia is Marshallese and her dad is the arch bishop of the Marshallese church here. So there is a lot of family ties to that church.  Were seeing improvment with her though.  She usually runs up stairs when we come over.  But she sat in on a lesson last week and took her kids to the primary practice and came and watched the program. So were hoping that she will continue to progress.  Some of her relatives who live across the street also might get baptized this week.  But we have Matt Ybarra who is scheduled to get baptized and he is solid.  He is 10 years old with a very inactive dad.  He knows all 5 priniciples of the gospel and the importance of baptism.  He was suppose to get baptized three weeks ago but his dad said he didn't know enough.  This time were pretty sure he will consent he already signed the baptism record. 
  This is the last week of the transfer.  So Elder Bunton's last week before he goes home.  I am 98% sure I wont get transferred because I am suppose to be with my trainer for 12 weeks.  It will be interesting to see who the new zone leader/my companion will be in federal way.  The Federal Way zone is the highest baptizing zone in the mission and the federal way ward is the highest baptizing ward in the mission so I'm pretty blessed to be in this area. 
  I figured why out why I love the Marshallese people so much. 1. Because they are humble, and 2. Because they are exactly like me.  I should be Marshallese.  Marshalese people love to stay up late and sleep in.  They are kinda of quiet people (except ages from 3-12)..their shy and kinda lazy, and they all love basketball.  So I fit in with the Marshallese culture. 
    I did get my contacts, which was good.  I live in apartment.  Their is two rooms then a kitchen then living room with a couch and three desks where we study.  Its pretty nice except for the fact that there are spiders every where.  Thats good that tanner and wesley won. I just looked at Wesley's pics there pretty cool, that was a fundamental tackle.  Speaking of football.  A member that use to live in San Diego informed that chargers were beating the chiefs 10-0. That the chiefs had got blown out the first two games and that  Charles was out for the about a bad start. 
   I''ll send home some actually pics, were going to print them off at Walmart I think.  Elder Bunton is going to teach me how to play "come home" by one republic too today.  I'm excited about that.  I want to learn how to play the piano when I get home. 
  Anyway I hope you have a good week and enjoy conference.  Love You!
Love, Elder Clark

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