Monday, September 12, 2011

Dear Family,
Seems like everyone is doing good except for being sick which is good.  This week was really busy and really fast.  Were teaching a lot, which is good.  This last week we taught 26 lessons.  I'm in a really great area.  We've been trying to visit a Marshalese household every day and do lots of networking that way.  I love the Marshalese.  We call it a Marshalese Town, but theres three families that live in these duplexs on 22nd street.  Theres like 15 kids between the ages of 5-14.  Every time we come to the street they come running up because they are always outside.  They run up and give us high fives and call us "superman" for some reason. It was really surprising this week three Marshalese kids came to church with us.  And we forgot to tell them this week was stake conf.  so we went over there at 9 to see if any of them were up.  And we were expecting them not to be since Marshalese culture is a little different.  They stay up way late with their kids and sleep in.  We went over one day last week and Aralyn was just waking up at 1:30 in the afternoon.  But Sunday Jacob, who we put on date to be baptised this saturday, was up and he got  his sister Laural to come and Aralyn came too.  Were trying to baptize all the kids but the parents arn't exactly open to idea yet.  Friday was yell at Elder Clark day, I guess.  We went on exchanges that day, so I was with Elder Song who doesnt talk to much and while tracting, this guy basically said I was an idiot for going on a mission and its not fair what the church was doing to us.  Then I called our ward mission leader to talk to him about a baptism we were trying to have on saturday.  We met Joy on thursday, and we had a lesson with her friday and she passed the baptism interview.  So we asked if she wanted to be baptised on the next day and she said yes.  When I called our ward mission leader (Bro. Belissa) he kinda of yelled at us for pushing baptisms too quickly and not thinking about the scheduling with Stake conference and everything.  So we had to move the baptism to this Sat.  Then I called the Stake person who is in charge of baptism clothes.  And she yelled at me, not at what I had done, but with how all the missionaries are not returning the clothes as fast as they should.  So it was a pretty good night for me. 
  That is exciting about tanner playing and him doing so well.  Goodluck this week, and congratulations on your first win.  Wes keep doing good, it sounds like your team is improving, and that you had a fun saturday.  Reagan, thats funny that Grant texted you.  We werent great friends, he was in my communications class and we did a project together.  Boomerang seems busy, which is good.  Hopefully dad can keep up with the business.  That is good that trailridge is nice.  Thats too bad that BYU couldnt keep the lead, but thats good they played Texas so closely.  Have you guys checked out If not, do it for family home evening and watch rob morris' video, the colts linebacker. But today was the first cloudy day so thats a little depressing but everything else is great. I'm gonna send home the pic drive, theres not a lot of pics but there are some.  Have a good week! Love You and miss you a lot!
Elder Clark

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