Monday, September 5, 2011

Intro the Marshalese...

  So I just got done with my first full week in Seattle.  The weather has still been great everyday.  This week was a bit crazy.  Tuesday we had new missionary orientation.  So we had to drive to the mission home in the morning and the president and the assistants trained for the day.  Then the next three days my companions had leadership training. That meant that everyday I went with a different companionship in their area from 8-5pm. So i didnt see my companions that much this week. 
  On Wednesday night we went over to this marshalese family.  Two of the daughters are members, but their dad is not.  So their young womens leader asked them if they wanted blessings before school started.  They said yes, so went over there.  The first girl was going to be a junior.  She sat down in the chair after going to get her non member parents to come watch the blessing.  Elder Bunton asked who she wanted to give the blessing, I thought for sure she was going to say Elder Bunton becuase that was the only missionary that she new.  But for some reason she pointed to me.  So I gave the blessing. I'm pretty sure my hands were shaking a little during the whole blessing. 
  Unfortunately the french women we put on date to be baptised two days ended up not being baptised.  We think she was a little overwhelmed.  She is a single mom to two little girls and she just started a new job on thursday.  So were hopefully that she will want to be baptised soon, but we havent talked to her since friday. 
  Today for lunch we went to a islanders house.  It was their four year olds birthday.  I guess islanders go all out for birthday parties.  There was about 60 people there in the backyard, and there was a moon bounce,which I thought was funny.  We went away with a box pizza, a small cake, and plate of fruit.  We wont be hungry for a couple of days. 
  I hope everything is going well.  Sorry to hear about tanners game, lawrence in the past has had a pretty good team.  How did tanner do in varsity or jv?  Reagan informed me that Jimmer is engaged in her last lettter.  Wesley dont be so lazy and watch football all day and goodluck with your book report, do Harry Potter. Hows boomerang doing? Still busy? Mom how is trailridge?...or Jailridge since it has no windows.  Have you sent the contacts? I'm guessing it takes a several days for mail to get here. Because it has to go to the mission home first then to my apartment.  I just got reagans letter on Friday.  Oh and thanks for putting a short sleeve shirt in the suitcase even though I said not to, they are way more comfortable when its warm.  I saw a newspaper headline that said Mitt Romney was the GOP..thats pretty cool. Well I have to go, were going to eat at the Cahens.  The Cahens spoil us, we went there this morning and played basketball and picklo ball, which was pretty fun.  Were you able to find a photo for my portfolio?  The videos on there are really cool.  There's one of rob morris who played for the Colts.  Well talk to ya next Monday.  Have a good day, love ya!

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