Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First stop...Federal Way

Hello Everyone,
So i've been in Seattle for a day.  Seems like a week though. My companions didnt get to have P-day yesterday so were doing p-day activities today.  My companions are Elder Bunton (North Carolina) and Elder Park (Utah).  Elder Bunton is getting close the end and Elder Park has only been out for 6 months. They are the zone leaders, which means were busy all the time.  And food is not a priority most the time, we didnt eat dinner last night. But its great.  We leftt the mission home around four yesterday and by 6 clock we were visiting a non active member, who has a daughter that is not baptised who is 9.  They seemed open last night. We just got to know them and shared a short message.  We also visited Brody, who is in the same situation.  He is 15 and his mother is non active but he has a good desire to be baptised.  We got back around 9:30 last night but then we had a conference call witht the mission president and the other zone leaders that went to 10:30.  Im serving in Federal Way, Seattle its a car area.  Which in the past has been pretty successful, so thats exciting.  Seattle is really beautiful, theres so many trees.  And the past two days its been in the 80's and the sun has been out.  My mission president is really good, he's pretty direct and bold. Federal Way area has a little bit of everything in it.  There is a lot of appartments and thats where are two lessons were last night.  I went contacting with Elder Oh this morning.  Because my companions had a zone meeting.  Elder Oh is from South Korea.  He's really funny.  Since he usually doesnt drive with his companion he asked me to drive.  I said he probably should cause I dont know where Im going,  And he was like "ok, but i dont want kill greenie," he knows english alright, he's in a korean ward The first door I knocked, a guy answered and said before we said anything, right now is not the right time, i just lost my wive and I have three kids and I dont have time for anything and slammed the door.  Its sad because thats exactly the right time for him, and our message would have given him comfort about his situation.  But that was not exactly how I thought my first door knocking would go.  But we have 3 or 4 appointments for tonight and were always busy with the zone leaders responsibilites. But anyway I hope everything is good in Kansas and that everyone is having a good time in school. I'll email again on monday. I love you.
 Elder Clark

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