Monday, August 15, 2011


So this week went by super fast! It feels like yesterday was monday.  This whole week feels like one big day, all the days get jumbled together.  But it was a good week.  If I thought my first teaching exp. was gonna be my worst, i was sadly mistaken.  We had a pretty bad lesson.  It was our first lesson with one of our investigators and we just totally bombed it.  We were trying to answer all his questions with homeruns, when we should just gone for singles.  We had no flow to the lesson..also my companion was having a rough day.  So all those things together made it pretty bad, but we recovered nicely and our next to two lessons with Matt went really good.  Every day we have 2 three our classes with different teachers, and we teach 2 investigators everyday.  But i'm still exhausted at the end of everyday.  Sunday was nice and relaxing, Brother Heaton spoke on what it means to have "success"...very enlightening.  And we watched the new restoration video.  Oh and thanks for all the letters, its nice to read at the end of the night. 
Funny story though.  When new missionaries come they get orange stickers to put on their nametag. And everybody during the first day says, "welcome elders" or "hi". So me and one of the guys in my zone kept our orange stickers from the first day on the back of our nametag.  So when Wed. came we put it on the front of our tag and everybody said welcome to us.  But on Sun. at lunch I was looking for a table because our normal spot was taken and I saw two random spots.  Me and my companion went to those.  After I got settled in I looked around the table and Kyle Collingsworth was sitting directly in front of me..So i got to talk to him for 10 minutes before he had to leave. Which was really cool. I didnt bring up the missed free throws in the Florida game however.
I'll try and reply to all the letters we only get 30 minutes to email..which is short.  I cant believe we leave for Seattle in 8 days. 
The biggest lesson I learned this week was that Heavenly Father really does love us.  And we need to trust him.  Joseph Smith is a great example of that.  His last day in Nauvoo, he says, "I go like a lamb to slaughter, but i'm as calm as a summer day."
Have a good week. Love you guys

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