Monday, August 22, 2011

Load em' up, Head em; Out!

So this week was pretty good, except for the fact that i've been sick all week. I have this cold that i cant get over.  Tomorrow we leave in the morning for Seattle.   We have to be ready for the shuttle at 5 am.  I still have to pack, but we pretty much arn't doing anything today since its preparation day.  Yesterday was our last sunday, our district sang Come thou fount for our going away song.  I also had to give a 5 minute impromtu talk on baptism.  Our branch president just asked me to give a talk right after sacrameeting.  It wasn't too bad. 
Before I forget i need more contacts.  I dont think i need anything else.  We had infield orientation last friday.  It was a long day, the only day that felt long since the first couple of days.  We had class from 8am to 930pm with 2 hour lunch and dinner breaks.  We just went over finding, setting goals, what to expect the first week, and they told us about the new program.  Which is the new missionaries take the lead on some things at the beginning instead of the senior companion doing it all.  Not a lot went on this week.  My companion and I got all our investigators to commit to baptism, so that was good.  Oh, look up Tanner Appleton. I've become pretty good friends with him.  We eat meals together and he has the same gym time as me so we always play basketball.  He's from Portland. He played basketball at a school in north california.  He has one of the best shots i've ever seen.  He's the only person i've got to know that wasnt in my zone.  He's going to Brazil, but he hasnt got his visa yet, so he might be going somewhere else if he doenst get it in a week and a half.  Make sure you start using my Seattle address which is:
Elder Clark
Washington Seattle Mission
10675 NE 20th St
Bellevue, WA 98004
We get to the mission home around 10am tomorrow and we can call home..i was wrong.  We get a 15 minute limit though in the airport. So thats prettty exciting.  Well im sure my next email with be more interesting.  And I just sent a couple photos home. So you'll get those soon.  I have to go do laundry then hopefull take a nap..which im looking forward too.  Thanks again for all the letters.  Love you.

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