Monday, August 8, 2011

  So its been 6 days, good but very long.  The first 24 hours were the longest of my life.  Everyone just says make it to sunday, so we shall see.  The days are starting to go faster thou, and I'm working hard. Waking up at 6 30 is brutal, but Im starting to get use to the schedule.  We have to be in bed by 1030 and im usually asleep by 1033.  It seems like i'm always exhausted.  I do 50 pushups and 30 pull ups every tryin to stay in shape.  The Mtc food is alright.  Definitely not as good as grandma made it out to be.  We get ice cream wed. and sundays.  Last night i had three bowls, two vanilla and one strawberry.. it was break the fast and I had been fasting since 445 on sunday. 
     My first teaching exp. was humbling.  We tried to stick to the lesson plan too much and didnt get to know the investigator well enough and didnt focus on her needs.  I was a little down after that.  By the way my companion is elder boyle.  He is from Monticello, Utah.  Small town, his graduating class was 48. Good guy, we get along pretty well, he was just made district leader. 
  Our second teaching exp. was a lot better.  We got to know the investigator really good and was able to give a message that he needed to hear.  We watched the testament last night after devotional.  Which was a good change of pace.  I really like that movie, you can definitely feel the spirit when watching. 
   I made some friends playing basketball.  We have the same gym time so we play together everyday now, their pretty good. So its good competition. 
   Oh, and theres this thing called and you can write me letters and they'll print it off and put it in my mail box, so if you want to do that that would be cool. Hope everything is going good. 
   Love you guys.
   Elder Clark

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