Monday, November 7, 2011

Warning! Don't try this at home!

  It was good to hear from you guys! This week was a pretty good week.  We are still trying to build our teaching pool.  We started teaching this hawaiin women named Shabley.  She is a good investigator but we are having trouble getting her to progress.  She hasnt read the book of mormon.  Her sister and her best friend have been baptised but she won't really commit yet. And she won't pray out loud. Everytime I invite her to say the closing prayer she refuses.  The first lesson we tried to get her to say the closing praying for about 7 minutes.  She says she has never said a prayer out loud in her life.  So we still need to work on that.  We had a pretty crazy zone conference.  President Larkin showed us an interview that Anderson Cooper conducted, he interviewed Pastor Robert Jefferies.  It was pretty weird to see something from the world, but it was cool to see that the world is coming to the defense of the church. 
  Andrea Flores was not baptised this week.  We have set the date for this Wednesday and it should be pretty solid.  Elder Tingey will be baptising her and I will do the confirmation next sunday.  We have been doing alot of tracking since we dont have a large teaching pool.  Hopefully we get a referral soon.  I havent got a referral since being in Jovita Creek.  In federal way we got like two or three every week.  The mission has seen a lot of miracles from the campaign.  President Larkin had a conference with some of the apostles and the apostles said they are expecting convert baptisms to double where the advertisment campaign is going on.  So that was the main message in the last zone conference.  Zone conference was prettty fun.  We got to play this putting game and I was one the people who got to go up and putt . 
  Everything is going pretty good.  Still a little bit of a struggle with my compaign but everyday seems to be different.  The weather hasnt been too bad the last couple of days. I really enjoyed the packages and the talks and music.  That is good that tanner won this past weekend.  His hair looks really long.  Oh, and the rumor is that a car is coming into the federal way zone at transfers next week.  Jovita Creek might get a car! but i'm not getting my hopes up.  I dont mind riding bike too much. 
  I gave my self a hair cut last monday.  That was pretty interesting.  I cut it a little shorter than I wanted too, but it looks pretty good. Now I dont need to get a haircut for like two transfers..I'm happy about that. 
  This week is the last week of the transfer.  I have a feeling I will be staying in Jovita Creek a little longer.  My companion thinks he will probably be transferred.  Last night we set a zone goal for 24 baptisms next month.  Which would be the highest the zone has ever baptised and the highest any zone in the mission has baptised ever.  I dont know why I am so blessed to be in Federal Way at the start of my mission. 
  Anyway have a good week! I really appreciate the support and love, it helps a lot.  I love you!
   Love, Elder Clark

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