Monday, November 28, 2011

Volleyball a favorite..he really has changed

 So our thanksgiving was good. We went over to our ward mission leaders home.  He had all his kids there and a couple family friends, So there was about 20 of us.  My companion and I got to sit in the 30 and under table.  Your guys thanksgiving sounded good.  I wish I could have played on the obstacle course. But we did to play basketball and volleyball with the two zones in the morning.  Volleyball was surprisengly my favorite. 
  We had a pretty good.  We taught 20 lessons for the first time since I have been in Jovita Creek.  Teaching 20 lessons is one of the missions stanards of excellence.  We also found some good new investigators.  We found this mexican lady who is in her 40's, she said she would read the book of mormon.  But unforunately she is going out of town till the 17th.  While tracting we knocked on this door.  And this women and guy who were in there late 20's answered the door.  The women was actually raised  mormon she went to seminary and everything.  But she said "the church wasnt for her" which was sad, mostly because when she said it, I could tell that she didnt fully believe what she was saying.  We left a book a mormon because she wanted one for when she takes care of her mom there.  I kinda want to go back in a couple of weeks and just talk with her again. 
  This weekend there is a big nativity event going on at the stakecent.  We have been inviting everyone we talk to that doesnt say no thanks and slams the door.  So hopefully there is a big turn out.  Our ward is actually not having church this sunday, because of the event.  I think we will have to go to a different ward  and building. 
  But that is about all that is going on right now.  We email at the library, we all have library cards.   I will probably send a letter.  Did you get my last letter about the shirts? I think something weird is happening with my mail. But have a good day! I love and miss you lots. 
I cant believe it is getting close to christmas. 
Love, Elder Clark

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