Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did he really say hold up on the treats...?

  So I didn't get transferred, which wasn't too surprising I was pretty sure I was going to stay here,  My companion didn't get transferred either.  There was a lot of transfers in our zone.  So it will be interesting to see the final product of the zone at zone meeting tomorrow.  We will also not be getting the car that was rumored to be coming into the zone this transfer.  I don't really care too much.  We have a pretty small area.  While riding in the rain and cold isn't too fun it could be worse. 
  This last week there were a few bright spots but if you take out those it was a long week.  Andrea Flore's baptism was on Wednesday everything went good for that,  I confirmed her on sunday.  The rest of her family wasn't able to come to church.  Jesus (the father) only day off is on Sunday. So he wants to get all the work done around the house done on Sunday.  We went over there sunday night and taught a lesson on the importance of church.  We also told Elivia to ask Jesus on saturday what work needs to be done, and we told her we would come over and do service on saturday or monday so that they could come to church on Sunday,  But I think Jesus is coming around.  He came in and talked with us on Sunday night and we told him we would be willing to do service if that meant the family could come to church.  He said ok.  And Elvia (the mom) said she caught him reading "the mormon book" one night.  Hopefully his heart will continue to soften and he will desire to hear the lessons and be baptised like the rest of his family.  Andrea has a 1 year old son (I attached a picture).  I have these pictures that fit into my scriptures of Jesus, the prophet, quorem of the 12, a person getting baptised, and a diagram of the plan of salvation.  I give him the pictures when we come over, he likes to play with them and taught him who Jesus was.  I hold up the picture and he can now say Jesus. So that is pretty fun. 
   But other than the baptism is was kinda  a hard week.  We werent able to meet with a lot of our investigators, and everyone that we tracted into really did not want to talk with us.  Hopefully this week will be better.  Were inviting everyone to this nativity that is at the stakecenter Dec 2,3,4.  I guess it is a pretty big event.  They have like nativity scenes from all over the world, even an igloo one.  So were handing out invitations to that, hopefully a lot of non members come. 
  Last night we had dinner with a member.  We had salmon, it was really good.  We might be moving out of the Long's house pretty soon, because they are trying to get ready to move to Utah this summer.  We dont know when that will be though.  I did get the package, and enjoyed that.  Maybe a break in the snacks in the package.  Not that I dont like them. But with the brownies, candy, Sis Long's desserts, and the ice cream that I buy my pants are getting tightier.  Sister Long made carrot cake this weekend. It was so good. 
  Oh, I have been thinking about what I want for Christmas. I cant believe it's only six weeks away.  But anyway, I dont really want anything. Maybe some ties and pj's for tradition sake.  Thats all I could really think of.  I dont really have too many needs or wants right now. 
  Well  Dad try to have a good time in Orlando, shouldn't be too hard though.  I hope everyone else has a good week! I think I am going to take a big nap today for preparation day.  Last monday we played basketball for like three hours.  My body was not very happy about that that the following morning. 

Love, Elder Clark

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