Monday, February 13, 2012

Circular Questions

Dear Family,
 Another good week.  Nothing to big happened, it was pretty busy with transfers and zone meetings and getting ready for this upcoming week.  We have a senior couple in our ward now, so that is great. 
  Our bishop and stake president are asking why we are not baptising. Its kind of one of those questions that are if I knew the answer, you wouldn't be asking the question.  The only answer I have which really isn't an answer, is that we haven't found the prepared people yet.  Some good things are happening though.  We are tracting a lot.  This is probably the first week I have missed Federal Way.  It really is a different kind of work here.  In Federal Way you could visit recent converts, and less actives and there would be a ton of non-members living in the same house so you could family net work really good.  Not so much here. My district is going to be pretty fun this transfer.  We still have the zone leaders and the cougar mtn sisters, but the senior couple will be in the district as well.  
   Elder Park was called to be an assistant this week.  So that is awesome. I got to see him last week at one of the leadership meetings as well as Elder Brown.  It was really fun to catch up with them.  Elder Brown is in the Marshalese ward called the Olympic Branch.  Their ward goal for this year is 60 baptisms.  I would love to serve there with Elder Brown and teach marshalese people again.  
  Thats about it, have a good week!
Love, Elder Clark 

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