Monday, April 16, 2012

Sacrifice and Judging

Dear Family,
 It was a pretty good week this week.  On tuesday I held a exchange with Elder Birati who is microindonesia. It was pretty fun.  We found 3 new invs and put someone on date so it was good that it was a powerful experience for him.  He was telling me a story that he got mission call and his acceptance to represent his country in the olympics on the same day. Obviously he chose to come on his misson.  He was saying that his family and the whole villiage wanted him to choose the olympics. 
  We tracted into a less active person who we havent received her records yet.  She is a mom with a 12 and 13 year old and she was telling us about how she is about 90% sure that her and her husband were going to get a divorce.  It's amazing how the spirit helps people to open up to us.  She said that she was baptised when she was 16, but it might have been for the wrong reasons.  Her dad was really against it and she didnt like him.  But she said that her baptism was one of the best days of her life.  We are hopefully going back to teach her this week and her two kids. 
  We have zone conference this week so I dont have to prepare a district meeting.  We had a meeting with president.  He talked a lot about doing baptism interviews and that we can't take them lightly because that is one of the most important events in that persons life.  They have the opportunity to show there repentance to an authorized representative of the Church and  in doing that, that will give them the strength to continue on the right path.  I also gained an immense understanding of the atonement.  President talked about the scripture in D&C "let no man thinketh he is a ruler, but let God rule he that judgeth". When we are doing the interview we have to let go of all emotions and let the spirit decide.  And he told us about a interview that he did.  The man confessed to doing some very despicable things and he said that he couldnt believe that someone would do some of the things that he did.  But then the man went on to tell him how his dad left before he was born and that his mom was an addict. When he was 4 or 5 his mom, when she didnt have enough money for the drugs would give him to the dealers and they would beat him.  And President thought to himself how on earth can I judge this man. And he related that to us that we cant judge anyone.  Only Christ can.  He was the one that went through everything, he knows everyones circumstance and situations and their pains and sorrows. And because of that he is only one who can truly judge and thats why we have to rely on the spirit. 
  It is already week 5 of the transfer. There going way too fast. I feel like it was just transfers a week ago. 
  Everyone sounds really busy.  Reagans games sound exciting. It's surprising that wes isnt excited about baseball. 
Wes how are the celtics doing this year?  Someone said the royals are starting pretty good.  I didnt know the knickerbockers lived in WA. What ward are they in?  But I got to go, were playing volleyball as a district it should be fun. Have a great day! Oh, and Happy late Birthday Mom!
Love, Elder Clark

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