Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maybe you got one of these

Dear Family,
   I did send a letter, hopefully it gets there soon.  I wrote a lot of letters last preparation day.  Probably twice as many as I have written in the last 4 months. 
  This week was great though.  The weather was so nice, I actually got sun burnt on Saturday. We did a lot of tracting this week.  The beginning of the week started out really slow but the end of the week picked up.  We found a new investigator on Saturday.  We were going to visit a potential inv, who ended up not being home.  We started to walk down the hilly and long driveway and we saw a person in the woods, kindof in a clearing. We walked over there and talked with her. She was actually looking for a 100 dollar bill.  We helped her look for a couple of minutes.  We didn’t end up finding it, we told her who we were and she started to cry. She told us how she is going through a really hard time right now and that she is miserable. We told her about Christ and put her on date for May 12th. She really wants to change her life.  She wants to stop smoking and be the mom that she needs to be.  She wasn’t able to come to church this weekend because she was in Kent with her two kids but she will be there next Sunday. 
  Elder Yamashita is doing pretty good. It’s a little hard sometimes just because he doesn’t really know that much English and it is hard for him to follow conversations.  It’s good for me because it is helping me be more patient. 
  There was a homecoming talk on Sunday.  The topic was receiving revelation from general conf., I though it was kindof a weird topic for a homecoming talk.  But it was ok. 
  I did hear that Kansas lost.  I actually talked with someone that was from Emporia yesterday and who went to KU.  The shoes are great I really like them. I really have to start running in the morning because of all the food.  I have gone back to my old self and am having cereal like 3 or 4 times a day.  I didn’t realise how close mother’s day was. So I will see you then!
  Well I hope everyone has a good week!

Love, Elder Clark

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