Tuesday, September 4, 2012

May Valley it is

Dear Family,
Well it has been a pretty crazy week.  It seemed like a really long..longest week for awhile.  The last week of the transfers are usually like that.  I am staying in May Valley.  And they have actually moved the zone leader area to may valley.  So I am now a Zone Leader.  Thats sort of exciting.  Elder Yamashita got transferred. He will be in the Renton stake in Skyway ward. 
Julie and Donna were confirmed on Sunday by Elder Yamashita. His english was awesome.  This week is going to by real fast. We have zone meeting on friday.  And it's already wednesday tomorrow.  As for the confirmations, the work side of things was a little slow..lots of tracting.
The last three days, we ate way too much.  After each meal I felt sick.  The Robins fed us the last two day, because no one signed up for Labor day weekend.  School is starting today for kids in the area. 
Any update on the CD? It sounds like you have been really busy, so I understand if you havent got to it yet.  Thats unforunate about the warehouse dilemna. Hopefully it all works out ok. 
Thats awesome that West won their first game.  Tanner is playing center, I take it.  Any other positions.  When is Wesleys first game? 
Well have a great week. Their just wasn't a lot to write about this past week. Hopefully their will be next week.
Lots of Love, Elder Clark

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