Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Captain I'm an Elder not a plumber

Dear Family,
  The reason we are emailing on tuesday is that we went to the temple today, it was really good.  
  We had a kindof slow week this, just with being able to teach people.  Julie and Donna were baptised on Sunday. It was a great service. I was able to baptise them. It was a little interesting.  Donna is 79 years old. And she didn't quite get the concept of bending her legs and using her hand to plug her nose.  But she was immersed and came out alive.  It was pretty funny. After they were baptised, I was trying to let the font drain.  Usually you just push it to one side and the other side would pop up and it would start to drain. But that wasn't happening. So I was just tried pulling it and it would come up a little and I could feel air. I had to get changed, so I decided to see if that would let it drain.  After the service was over, we went to check if it had drained any, and it hadn't.  We told Sis Robins about it and she decided she would try so I wouldn't have to get wet a second time.  She tried, got all wet, and still couldn't get it. So I had to go and try and figure it out. I ended up just having to unscrew the whole drain.
  But that was about it this week. Nothing real exciting happened. This week is the last week of the transfer.  This transfer was the quickest one so far. I have no idea what is going to happen at transfer. But I am pretty sure either elder yamashita or I will be transferred.  I don't really have a preference at all. 
 I keep on forgetting to answer moms questions.  As to the dentist, there's no time and the mission really doesn't want us doing that kind of stuff.  My teeth will survive.  About school. I will go back to BYUI for at least a semester or two. I need to get my GPA up before I think  about transfering.  Wait on housing. I am trying to correllate with my friend who visited before I left.  He is in Samoa, which makes it hard. It takes like a month for a letter to get there, but I should hear back from him soon.  And the Romney thing. We just say we don't talk about politics.  We are not to engage in those type of conversations so we are either silent and try to tie in our message when they talk about it...or leave as soon as we can.  But not too many have brought it. I imagine that will change come november. 
  I can't believe Wesley has a twitter. That is funny.  When is tanner's first game?Probably coming up in the next couple of weeks or so.  Have an awesome week.  Next email will be on tuesday again. 
Love, Elder Clark

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