Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer yeah!

Dear Family,
  Well the summer heat is finally starting to hit Seattle.  We have been over 85 for a week or so now. Which feels really good. All the old people on the other hand don't really like it.  In Seattle most of the houses do not have AC, even the new houses they don't put AC in. So it can a little hot in side at times.
  We had a pretty good week.  Julie and Donna came to church again, so they are progressing nicely for the end of August.  A lot of the people we found either dropped us or we dropped the, so we will have to revamp our finding effort.  We found a bosnian guy about a week ago. He is 43 and lives with his parents, which is a huge obastacle.  He really wants to learn more and comt to church and be baptised, but his mom told us if we ever came back again she would call the police. Not sure what to do there. When she came to the door, I don't think its possible for a bosnian woman to look any more furious. 
  We had zone meeting this week. It was really good. President Larkin actually attended it and gave the training.  His training was awesome. He talked about two things that contribute to faith. One of things is action (obedience) and the next one is power (sacrifice to charity). And that the action is just doing the missionary things, but to tap in to God's power we have to totally forget our will.  So we have to sacrifice because we love the people, not just so that others will think were great missionaries.  It was really good. He talked about the latter day work. How the priesthood was a promised blessing to Abraham and his posterity but then they were wandering in the wilderness for 40 years and all the priesthood holders died. But that the latter day work is too fulfill those promises and blessings that were promised to Israel.  
  So its kinda funny.  Sis Robins daughter Hannah is visiting from school. Sis Robins told us that she is planning to go on a mission. Sis Robins tells us everything, she's a big chatter.  But we had to promise not to say anything, because Hannah doesnt want anyone to know for some reason.  She has been asking us all these questions about missions and stuff and we have to pretend like we don't know anything about her wanting to go on a mission.  
  Well it seems like no one is excited to go back to school. I'm glad the olympics are over so everyone will stop talking about it.  I'm doing good on supplies.  My pants are fine. I pair of pants got torn from the gears on the bike but Sis Robins can fix basically anything. 

Love, Elder Clark 

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