Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Torture

Dear Family,
  It was a pretty good week.  Yesterday wasn’t the best.  I am not a very good faster and the three investigators that said they were coming and one of them had a ride with a member didn’t make it too church so that wasn’t too good.  Also the ward missionary who organizes the meals is gone for two weeks and no one signed up for dinner yesterday or today. 
  We survived on bike for a few days, but just barely.  I hurt my shin pretty bad. We were riding down this hill and then someone was calling us. So I was trying to take the phone out of my pocket, as I was doing that, a member was driving by and honked at us and so unconsciously i tried to wave.  Just as I was doing all that the hill leveled and there was an incline for this 5 foot sidewalk. I somehow survived the incline, but was still going a pretty good speed and didn’t have very good balance. I didn’t exactly make the incline going down that ended the side walk. The pedal did a pretty good number to my shin. But we only had to ride bikes for three wasn’t too bad.
  Investigator wise, we should have another baptism on the 18, just need them to come to church this Sunday.  We need to solidify a lot of our investigators and keep finding.  Were hoping that this nine year old gets baptized this month.  She is in an active family, but I guess she is deathly scared of the water, so she hasn’t been baptized yet. But it’s a really sensitive situation and we don’t want to offend anyone. 
But that is about it. There hasn’t been too much going on.  The Olympics are kindof hard to miss. The Robins have been watching, and we can hear the tv from our bedroom. It’s been a little tortuous.  The ward is getting really excited about missionary work. There have already been more baptism this year than any other year. 
The work is going good.  Its finally getting hot. It was in the 90’s the last two days.  It was sort of nice to have the hot weather. Elder Yamashita didn’t like it too much though.  Hope everyone has a good week!
Love Elder Clark

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