Monday, August 20, 2012

Milk before meat or visa versa

Dear Family,
  This week was really good.  We had 5 invs at church.  It was awesome.  Julie and Donna came and they are getting baptised this sunday.  They are really excited.  They came for Sunday school for the first time and guess what the lesson was on? Exaltation. Becoming like God.  Not exactly the best 1st lesson. But what can ya do..they seemed to like it and roll with it. So thats good.  Also Linda and Fred came, which was awesome.  Linda has like every health issue you can have. They really liked it, and said they will be back.  They had to leave after sacrament meeting because linda didn't bring a mask and her immune system is really down due to kemo pills.  But it was a really great Sunday.  We had a high coucilor speak and he brought someone as well and she was a little long and left him 5 minutes. But it was still good. 
  We had interviews with President last week. It went really good.  We didnt really talk about too much.  He just asked how my mission was going? I told him I loved it and its going by too fast.  And he just said "you got plenty of time and stop thinking about that...but I feel the same way." So it was good. But before the interview I thought I would stay in May Valley for a LONG TIME, but now because of some of the things he asked him about elder Yamashita i think I might get transferred soon. But I dont know.. 
  One of our investigators gave us a referral for Marshawn Lynch the Seahawks Rb who lives in our area.  I guess he is having a little trouble with his decisions right now. We haven't contacted him yet but hopefully this week. 
  I hope school goes well for everyone. And goodluck wes and tanner in football. What positions will the both of you be playing?
  Have a great week!
Love, Elder Clark

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