Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Family,
  This week was pretty good.  The weather is staying pretty nice.  Still a little cold when we go tracking from 5-7 but not rainy so thats good.  We had our mission christmas party on thursday. It was pretty fun, we had dinner and watched a movie.  It was a late night though, we didnt get back to our house till 10:15.  Also on Monday, we got interviewed for a movie that new missionaries that are coming to Seattle see.  That is why Elder Bunton was back in the Seattle area, he was making the video with a couple more elders that went home when he did.  Hopefully I will get to see the video when it is completed. 
  Our ward Christmas party was also last week. It was alright we were only there the last hour or so. The nativity play was pretty good.  I'm sure not as good as yours since Wes was playing Joseph. 
  This Sunday was a really good day for us.  The night before we were going over to someone that we have been trying to visit ever since I got to Jovita Creek and we have had no luck. But Saturday night we went over and Chris, who is the persons grandson answered the door.  And we have talked with him before.  So we asked how he was going and he said good then he asked if we could get him a ride to church tomorrow.  We said yes and we had a quick lesson with him as well.  That was really cool that he wanted to go to church without us even asking.  So we had our ward mission leader pick him up and he is going to start going to the young mens activities.  We are meeting with him again Saturday and hopefully we can put him on date for baptism.  At church we also had one of the people we have on date for Jan. 14th for the first time. He liked it.  Also, Mike Crump, one of our recent converts blessed the sacrament and Andrea Flores another recent convert got a calling.  So that was pretty cool to see . 
  This last week we dropped some of our investigators because they weren't progressing and wouldnt read from the book of mormon. Thats about all that is happening teaching wise right now.  I cant believe Christmas is only two weeks away.  Have you guys got the tree up and everything? Sister Long has the middle floor pretty well decorated and lit up.  And about the chocolate lollipops. If me and my companion take a picture could mom make like a cd or something that said merry christmas on it?  We'll probably take a picture today and have Bro. long email it.  When do the kids get out of school? Has it snowed there yet?  Here it is pretty frosty in the morning.  I am grateful for Kerrigans and Livia's prayers. We get to call on Christmas, next week I will let you know what time and everything.  Have a good week.  I love you.
  Elder Clark

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