Monday, March 12, 2012

Not exactly a Dog Whisperer

Dear Family,
 This week has been great. It has been a little crazy but really good.  Spring is kind of coming around here, we had a couple days of sunshine this past week. But now its pretty gray and rainy. 
 We got to go to the temple on tuesday, that was a really good experience. I attached some photos from after we got out of the temple. There mostly of my district and theres also some other missionaries from the zone as well. 
 I had an incident with a dog.  We were tracting and we came up to this drive way and this black dog was guarding it.  He looked like a black lab but his legs were short and his body long.  He kept barking so we stayed back.  We were trying to get him to settle down, he finally stopped barking so I took a couple steps towards him then stopped. He didnt do anything than all of sudden just charged right at me.  I felt like the kid from Sandlot.  He got my ankle and the back of my pants, he tore the cuff.  He chased me for a while..So that was pretty fun.  The dog was really fast. 
  Something unforunate happened yesterday. The Aguilar family dropped us, or the dad dropped us.  he called saturday and said that werent going to be home because they were going to Yakima.  So we dropped by Sunday afternoon and they let us in.  We talked for a couple of minutes and asked how his trip was.  After a couple of minutes he just suddenly got up and was like "I got to go do some errands, like go to the store and stuff. But you can stay and talk to my kids." He just went right into his room.  So we had a quick lesson with his two kids.  Then after he left he called and apologized and told us that he didnt want to be Mormon or baptised and that he was two busy. We asked if we could still teach the kids and if they could come to church but he said he was just too busy and that he would take them to Catholic church sometimes.  That was sad.  But were still going to try and get the eleven year old to scouts on tuesdays. 
 Also on Sunday we had Stake Conference.  It was very good.  President Johnson our stake president talked first and he talked for 48 minutes on missionary work, he took his whole talk to talk about it. It was very inspiring.  He talked a lot about how he was converted at 17.  And how it was just how one of his friends spoke up.  He centered his talk on 4 points on how the members could be better missionaries:
        1. Live the best lives you can- through scripture study, prayer, having the spirit with you
        2. Pray specifically for the missionaries and missionary opportunities- need to know the missionaries, know who they are teaching what they are doing.
        3. Speak up- He related his conversion and how his friend had the courage to speak up
        4. Fasting- He challenged all the members to go home and with your families and ask God if fasting for the missionaries is something you should do (of course God will say yes). He talked about how when wards in the stake had a lot of success the wards were fasting.
 He also talked a lot about how the only thing in the Bishops handbook that it says to give priority to is missionary work and the work of salvation.  I had heard that before but I think that was really surprising to some of the members. It really was a great talk and very inspiring. Being a convert himself he was able to show how important missionary work really is and how the work will not only go forward because of the full time missionaries.  Also Elder Jensen from the 70 was presiding. He gave a very good talk on testimony and where its origin is and also how it is built. 
 Well have a good spring break! The car looks nice, I'm sure tanner is loving it.  Thats so cool that Ryan got his call there, he will absolutley love it! Thats where Mitch went I think. Oh, today we are going to this water fall by snoqualmi pass so that should be pretty fun, hopefully the weather is pretty good.
Love, Elder Clark

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