Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Diversified Teaching Pool

Dear Family,
  It was really good to hear from all of you this week.  It has been a really good week.  I can't believe it's March.  We got some snow this morning. Last night we ate dinner with the Carlsons.  They are a really nice family.  Bro Carlson is going to take us to Snoqualmia Falls next prepartation day.  I guess its a really pretty water fall place.  I will take pictures. 
  We tracted into this guy name David Aguilar who let us right in.  He was drinking and we started to share a message.  And he just broke down crying.  His wife just recently left without saying anything.  He has two adorable kids, Marcose and Briana; ones 11 and 6.  During the lesson he broke down four or five times.  Last night we had another lesson with and both of his kids were there.  He was drinking again. And he looked on the verge of tears the entire time we were there.  We just talked about how God loves all of us.  My hurt just hurts for that family.  And how the kids one day woke up and had no mom.  It really makes you really grateful for what you have.   We are going back on Wednesday.  And hopefully they will come to church on Sunday, the kids both want to come. 
   We also are teaching a romanian family right now. And George the father came to church.  One of our members speaks russian so we are using him for teaching and fellowship. It was funny before church we went to his house so he could follow us. We go knock on the door.  5 seconds later we hear the back door open and close and a car come backing down the driveway. He rolls down the window and says, i'll follow you. One of the easiest escorting to church.  European people are really funny. 
  Also we visited a potential investigator saturday.  She is chinese and she said the reason she wanted us to come back, is that she recently moved here from china and wants to find a church that she can bring her two twin 18 year olds to.  And she wants to become Christian. Her name is Hiatong,  She wasnt able to come this Sunday because she already committed to go to one of her friends churches but hopefully she will come this Sunday.
  So we are teaching a mexican family, romanian family, and chinese family.  I'm giving up on white people.....just kidding.
  I'm writing today because we are going to the temple today.  So thats cool.  iPad 3 already coming out? Thats crazy.  3/4 our members bring iPads to church.  I did get the package. Thank you.  For the cd, I want the songs to be words, and I'm not sure what I want just something other than Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I think I tried to shut down my yahoo account before I left. I didnt use it any more, so if you could do that, that would be great.  It's already week 5 of the transfer, I can't believe it.  Transfers are going by so fast, it's going to be August before I know it.  I hope everyone has a good week before spring break. I love you
Elder Clark

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