Tuesday, June 12, 2012

May Valley it is

Dear Family,
  It was a pretty good week. We had a baptism. Finally! It went great. Elder Yamashita performed both ordinances. He was pretty nervous but he did good in English.  I did not get transferred neither did Elder Yamashita. So I will be in May Valley for at least 7 months.  That's a long time, but I love it.  I don't think there was very many transfers this transfer.  Only one person in my district got transferred.  If cougar mtn (the sisters) is in my district again, they are going to be in trio this transfer. So that will be a little crazy. 
  Right now we are really trying to find new investigators. We only have two progressing right now. So we will be doing a lot of tracting and finding activities.  Elder Tingey went home yesterday, that's a little weird. Also one of the assistants went home. And the new assistant is Elder Brown.  So that's cool. 
  Not a lot to say this week.  Were speaking on Sunday, haven't got the topic yet. Hopefully we get that before Saturday night. 
Sounds like Reagan had a good time. They did a lot of activities.  Wesley finally got a "W". That's good to hear. Have you sent the talk? I haven't got it yet, if you have.  After this transfer I will be out really close a year. And I have a feeling the last year will go by so fast. It's a little scary.  I've come to realize being a missionary is so much easier. It's stressful, but it comes from caring about others. On a mission you really don't have to think about yourself just others. 
  But anyway, have a good week. Let me know if you got the pics I emailed. It was kind of difficult getting them to send.
Love, Elder Clark

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