Monday, June 25, 2012

Bitter Water and Mt. Si....couldn't resist

Dear Family,
 It was a really great week! We had an awesome lesson last night.  A sister in our ward called us on Tuesday and asked if we could come give her sister a blessing. We found out her sister will be staying the summer and has two unbaptised kids.  We gave all three blessings and set up a lesson for Sunday night.  Well last night we had a lesson with them. Taught the restoration and put them on date for this weekend. It was great. We also had a new investigator at church last Sunday. He is Filipino, and we tracted into him and he said to come back on Saturday. So we did and had a lesson with him. We committed him to come to church the next day. We go over in the morning with our Ward mission leader and he is in his car waiting for us. He jumps out and runs over to us and asks if what he is wearing is ok? He was wearing a suit.  He had to leave after Sacrament meeting.  But we committed him to come next week. 
 Other things that happened this week, we had leadership training on Friday.  It was a little different.  The Renton stake youth between 16-22 were there. And we each trained one of them on giving the first lesson and planning so that was kind of cool.  Also I went on exchange to Mt Si Friday night.  The work was good. I just don’t like going out to Mt Si. The water is terrible.  Again took the quickest shower of my life.  I’ll have to go out there again and do the morning schedule with them. There having a few struggles with that. So that means we’ll have to wake up at 5, to get there by 6:15. 
 That’s cool that Wesley got his bike back. Who ended up winning the Heat and the OKC series? I hope not the Heat. 
We had a couple of nice days this past week.  Everyone says after the fourth the weather will be better…we’ll see. I guess this is one of the worst Junes in history regarding rain.  How is the fourth looking for Boomerang?
Youth Conf sounded fun. The youth in our ward had youth conference as well. 
Can you get me Mitch Mansour’s address?
Hope everyone has a good week!
Love, Elder Clark

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