Monday, July 2, 2012

Why I back out of the room...

Dear Family,
  It was an amazing week!  We had two baptisms on Saturday.  Todd and Samantha were baptised.  They are an 14 and 11 year old.  They are going through a rough time.  Their mom and them just moved here from Branson.  Their mom has some mental issues, the doctors believe its schizophrenia.  But the both them are great. They have such great spirits.  Todd asked me to baptise him, so I did.  And he is really excited to receive the priesthood next Sunday.  There were many miracles this week. We found  a couple new investigators who can hopefully get to church this week.  
  Something really sad happened last monday. I was giving myself a haircut and it was like 4:30, so I was rushing because we had dinner at 5. And go to cut the back of my head and I must of rushed getting the clip because it fell off and I knicked the back of my head.  Which created a bald spot of about 2 by 2 inches.  Thankfully it has grown back so its not too noticeable anymore.  We played tennis last preparation day, and we will likely play again today.  It was pretty fun.
  Last week we taught 18 lessons with 0 member lessons. So that was really good.  Really productive lessons and its the most we've had here in May Valley for some time.  People are already shooting off fire works.  I feel like the 4th is going to be a little crazy. I'm not sure yet, but I think we will have to be in early on that night. I hope everything goes well for Boomerang on that day.
   Thats too bad that Wesley sprained his ankle. Must of been a pretty bad sprain.  Wes have you been going to pool a lot?  How is it this year? Sounds like Reagan had a really good camp.  At least in basketball. The camp in the summer basically decided the team.  They have a pretty good idea of the teams after the camp. 
 I did hear the country is in a heat wave. Its funny cause Seattle hasnt got above 70 in the past two weeks.  We haven't hit summer yet.  Hope everyone has a good week!
Love, Elder Clark 

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