Monday, July 16, 2012

What do people think we do in Sacrament Meeting?

Dear Family,
  This week was pretty good. Kind of a long week, it seemed like.  July 4th was not very good.  We didn't really have anything to do so we tracted, and the only people to talk to us was Jehovah's Witness..because they don't celebrate holidays.  So we had two lessons with them, that weren't too productive.  Then we couldn't sleep. I didn't fall asleep until midnight because of all the fireworks that were going off.  There were so many, it felt like we were in a war zone.  We were happy when it was over. 
 The week was kind of slow. We put a 14 year old girl on date.  She has 9 sisters and two brothers and her dad is fine with them learning and being taught. But she went to Mexico so hopefully we will be able to teach them sometime next week.  Also one of our investigators dropped us because of anti. We were going to visit her and the window was open and we could hear her talking on the phone so we go up and knock on the door. She comes over to the door and asks who it is and we tell her. Then she goes onto to say that she is on the phone with christian evangelist fellowship and to come back another time. We leave and go around the corner and we could still hear her talking so we did a little reconnaissance.  Our investigator starts telling the lady on the phone about the church tour that she went on with us last week.  And the evangelist lady said, "you didn't go to a service did you?", and her reply was oh no never.  So that didn't turn out too well.
 This week is zone conference so that will be fun. We are doing a tournament of preach my gospel. We have to have all the paragraph topics of the four lessons memorized. I have them down pretty good, Elder Yamashita is struggling. It would be hard to memorize words that you don't know what all of them mean. But he is getting there.
  Wesley baseball game sounds exciting.  That's pretty cool that he almost hit an out of park home run.  I bet he was pretty happy about that.  That's too bad that tanner didn't get any of that free stuff or get to go down to Dallas.  I feel they should of made sure of being able to receive the prize before they played. 
 We are finally getting some sunny weather. It has been sunny and in the 80's the past three days. 
 Have a good week!
Love, Elder Clark

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