Monday, July 16, 2012

a faithful home teacher

Dear Family,
 Well to start by answering your questions from last week. No we did not get a new mission president.  President Larkin and Sister Larkin did hit there two year mark a week ago though. Which means they will leave before I do next summer.  The recent converts are doing great. Mercedes is moving in about a week, so we are working on a transition with her new ward.  Todd and Samantha came with us last night to the mission home for a new member fireside. It was really good.

 This guy in his 40's bore his testimony and told his story.  He went on a date with a girl, and as they were waiting for their food they came to the topic of football. The girl mentioned that Andy Reid when she lived in Philadelphia came to her house often. He said he was really surprised and asked why.  The girl took a deep breath and said, "he was my home teacher".  He ended up getting baptised and they will be married soon. It was really funny. And what made it even more hilarious President Larkin was the first one to starting laughing after she said he was my home teacher.  I thought it was a pretty cool story.  Lots of credit to Andy Reid being a faithful home teacher.

  May Valley is really starting to explode.  We put a two sons in a part member family on date for the end of this month. And we are working with two more kids in a part member family and they should be baptised soon.  Actually one of the part member families just moved in with a part member family, and guessed where they moved from?? Lee Summit. So I was able to create a really good relationship with  the Dad (Dana). We talked a lot, I guess he did some work in Lenexa.  And his daughter who is 15, who isnt baptised, was wearing a harry potter shirt, So we were instantly friends. God works in mysterious ways. 

  We also found a couple who are in their 50's  last night before the fireside. Linda, the wife, has had almost every health problem you can have. Internal bleeding, Hepatitis C, Brain Cancer (2x, current), and has two non healing wounds.  They are both great and should be at church next sunday. 
Sounds like everything is going good.  Kind of hitting that slower part of the summer, the three or four weeks before school starts.  Boomerang sounds busy, so that is good. The rooms look really good.  Wes, you always need to tuck longer. I cant believe Nash went to the Lakers, thats crazy and Allen to the Heat. 
 Well transfers are next Sunday. I am pretty sure I will be staying. My gut tells me Elder Yamashita might be getting the guillotine from May Valley. But we will see.
 Also it's time for a new CD 

1. The Spirit of God......
  Have a great week!
Lots of Love, Elder Clark

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