Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flag on the play...

Dear Family,
  Well it was great to hear from everyone.  This week was kindof a trial of faith week.  Corbin who was suppose to be baptised Saturday, dropped us.  His mom threw up the red flags and I am guessing she told him that if he got baptised he would be different from the whole family and she would take him somewhere else to get baptised.  And it was also a tough week with meeting with our investigators.  We have started to "sift" through our investigators.  Which means basically were only meeting with those who will read the book of mormon between visits.  We dont want to use up all our time meeting with people who won't progress.  In this ward their are so many people who fit the qualifications for baptism but just dont want to be baptised.
   But their were some good things that happened.  We found this lady.  Who doesn't really believe in God anymore and considers herself faithless.  She is in her 60's and has cancer and just recently lost her husband.  We taught her the restoration on the door step and we are going back today after district meeting.  She has read most of the 1st book of nephi. The challenge will be getting her pray about it. 
  This last week we had leadership training which was pretty fun.  Wednesday and friday for half the day we went to Renton and President Larkin trained us.  I got to see Elder Park and Elder Brown again so that was cool. Zone conference is next week, which will be nice I wont have to prepare a district meeting. 
  Since Sunday it has been pretty snowy.  And everyone in Seattle hates the snow.  Probably because there are so many hills.  After church on sunday I saw this surburan going down this hill, it couldnt stop and went right through this 2 stop intersection.  Another car was going through the intersection, saw it coming and tried to swerve out of the way.  It ended up getting t-boned and spun around and landed in this ditch.  It was pretty crazy.  After the car went into the ditch you couldnt see it, so it was pretty deep.  Luckily it went down backwards. We got out and helped them get out and everything.  The mom and her daughter were pretty shaken up but no one was hurt. 
   Other than that not a lot is going on.  We have district meeting right after this and a pretty busy night.  I want the songs singing, and just send it to 10675 NE 20th St Bellevue, WA 98004.  I'm guessing you guys will get some snow pretty soon, since the snow storm is passing us.  Maybe you will get out of school like the kids did here...
  Anyway have a great week! I love you! Talk to you soon
      Elder Clark

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