Thursday, January 5, 2012

Theatrical and loony are good!

Hello Family,
  This week was great and very fast.  Probably the fastest week so far.  We had a great week.  We found 6 new investigators and put three of those people on date.  Our first Sunday was a pretty exciting one.  There was a new bishop put in.  We already knew that though, since President Larkin let it slip at transfers.  We are meeting with him this Tuesday, he is really excited about missionary work. It's an exciting time to be in May Valley.  This week there was a leadership meeting.  President Larkin was the one who did the training.  It made me feel a lot better about what is expected of me as district leader.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, probably one of the best days since August or early september. 
  We had a pretty funny experience while tracting on new years eve (its weird that it's 2012 already).  But we met this apostolic couple.  We talked for a few minutes then they let us in on the doorstep inside.  We shared a quick message.  Then the women condemned us and called us idolaters for believing that the God head is three seperate beings.  And proceeded to tell us how God is like the condenscion of water on the outside of a cup of ice water....I was really lost.  If she wasn't so theatrical and a little loony then I might have taken offense to what she was saying.  But really I was just trying to contain my laughter and get out as fast I could. 
   Thats about it. We have to go to the new missionary orientation tomorrow so that will take up most of that day.  But its good, anytime we get to hear from President Larkin is awesome.  Oh could you send a CD with these songs on them and all singing ones....

 Love, Elder Clark

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