Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey Mom,
   This week was great.  May Valley is a place where there are a lot of prepared people.  Last Sunday we got a new Bishop. He is amazing.  He wants to be involved.  We found 7 new investigators this week.  Which is the most I have ever found in a week.  Friday night, Elder Aiken who is one of the zone leaders came to my area for exchange.  We had a great day.  Elder Aiken was a zone leader in Federal Way with Elder Bunton the transfer before I went to Federal Way. So it was cool to talk about all the people and the people that we both know.  Right now we have 7 people on date.  We have one on date for this weekend. So hopefully this will be the first of many baptisms in may valley this year.  On friday President Larkin set the goal for baptisms this year. And it is 1038.  Last year goal was 1000 and we got 655. 
    But everything is going great right now.  We met these two vietamese brothers.  They are great and so nice.  They really want to be baptised and clean.  But it is hard because their family is catholic and thats how they grew up.  We met them saturday and invited them to come to church with us.  Saturday night at 1:18 am. One of them texted us and said they couldnt come to church because their family doesnt understand or speak english and that they go to church as a family. And he said, " I am really sorry. I hope you aren't disappointed in me." It made me laugh.  But we are going over there Wednesday and hopefully we can somehow find a way to get their family in the church. 
  I am glad my first district meeting is out of the way.  I was a little nervous but it went pretty good, and this next one should be great as well.  Right now is kind of a stressful time. I am training and trying to make sure I do everything I am suppose to as district leader,  there is a lot attention on May Valley from the stake, and we have a lot of people on date so we have to somehow keep them progressing. 
   There is a member in our ward who has relatives in Lethbridge.  Their last name is the Halls and they have a big farm....
   Did you send that CD yet?
  Thats cool that west won. Tell Wes goodluck at his pine wood derby.  I think I am going to be able to play basketball today.  I havent been able to play for like 4 now.  So that will be fun.  Haha the Kings.  I am kind of hoping they have a bad year and no one goes to the games so they will miraclously move to Kansas City.  The young man who we are baptising saturday really likes sports.  He is a little too confident though.  We invited him to play basketball with us last week, which didn't end up happening, but he said he would definitely beat me in one on one.  I just smiled and said probably.
   Any way have a good week!  Hopefully this week will go a little faster at school.  I can't believe how fast time is going  for me right now.  I love you.
  Elder Clark

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