Monday, January 30, 2012

Sniffing out the Bash

Dear Family,
   Well these past weeks have been trial of faith weeks.  Keldon who thinking about being baptised on saturday took a couple steps back this week. We had a really good lesson with him in the chapel tuesday before young mens.  And he prayed at the end and asked if he should be baptised. After his prayer we asked how he felt and he said he felt good and he felt something different as he prayed.  We go back thursday for an appointment and he opened the door and said he was cleaning and that maybe in a year he would be ready for baptism.  He is incredibly hard to teach,  But it would be hard to be in the situation that he is in with all his family members but inactive.
   So I have reached a milestone this week. Not a time or number milestone, thankfully, because those are just depressing,...time goes by too fast.  But we tracted  this neighborhood Tuesday night.  We met this lady who was busy at the moment helping one of her kids, and said "we could come back and chat" so we got a appointment for saturday.  As we were running to the next house I told Elder Petersen that when we going back she will want to bash with us.  Sure enough we go back and she brings up everything that you would find if you typed in "anti-mormon".  She prayed for us to find the truth and told us that her heart was heavy for us because we were sacrificing so much for something that was a fraud.  It was a lesson where after five minutes you try to find a excuse to leave as quickly as you can. 
  The snow is pretty much gone.  Back to raining mostly.  It's a pretty nice day today.  We had zone conference on thursday, which was awesome.  We played this volleyball game where 12 people had to stand on x's around the volleyball court and tried to have as many people touch the ball while it was on your side.  To avoid being prideful or too boastful, i'll skip the details and just say that our zone went 3-0.  At the conference we were also challenged to contact 80 people everyday. Which is pretty hard we have only got in the mid 40's the last few days.   The mission had a great week for baptisms.  There was 23 in the mission.  Which was good because we started slow and only had 38 in the first 3 weeks of january. 
  Well I cant believe it is Febuary already.  Wesley's car looked really cool.  Was it's name the "jimmer" car?  Well have a good week!
  Love, Elder Clark

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