Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hoops Japanese style

Dear Family,
 Well this week was really busy and fast.  We had Elder Golden visit our mission this weekend and till Tuesday. There was a special zone conference on Friday which was really good. And, after we had leadership training. He answered the question about how Preach my Gospel came about. It was pretty interesting and it’s actually correlated with raising the bar. 
Proselyting wise, not a lot to report. We found some new investigators this week so that was good. Also we had 5 investigators at sacrament meeting, which was great.  It’s a little weird for an investigator to come for the first time on a fast and testimony meeting. But it was really good. Anthony came, he called us Sunday morning and was like, “I think I am lost”, so we had to help him find the church.  Judy also came but she ended up dropping us after, which was weird especially since we had just helped her stop smoking. 
Elder Park is still in the mission. He has about 9 months left. He is still an assistant so I get to see him a lot.   We always sit together for lunch, when the meetings have lunches.  He is doing great, he has been in Redondo for over a year. 
For mother’s day, I am not sure when we will call. Probably sometime in the afternoon after church.  So be on call.  We have to limit the Skype call to 45 mins.
We play basketball every Preparation Day.  Elder Yamashita is pretty good. He has some Japanese style.  Today we are having a district activity.  Were going to play pickle-ball. Its like tennis but with wooden paddles and a wiffle ball.  When I was with Elder Bunton and Elder Park we played it all the time for Preparation Day.  We got pretty competitive. 
So that’s about it. The pics from the cultural day look really cool. There is a tongan elder  here from Independence and his family was in the cultural event as well.  Have a good week. Talk to you Sunday!
Love, Elder Clark

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