Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Letter to Wes

Wes did the best job writing this week...so he got the letter home

Hey Wes,
 Sounds like a pretty good week.  A few games in baseball.  A least you are scoring.  How is the pool this year? I miss swimming, but I'll be back next summer to go swimming.  Who are you rooting for in the playoffs? I hope the celtics win. I really don't want the Heat to win. 
  The last several days, we have been on bike. We are out of miles for the month so we have to bike. My legs are so tired. Yesterday for preparation day we took a 5 hour nap because we were so tired.  May Valley is not a bike area at all. But my legs are getting really strong.  I haven't played basketball for the last two or three week.
 This Sunday we will have a baptism so that is really exciting. Elder Yamashita will get to do his first baptism and confirmation. 
 Last week we went to the temple. We took some pics, I'll send them next week.  I can't believe it is alreayd June.  How is the weather in Kansas. Is it really hot yet?  We have a pretty good summer so far. When it doesn't rain, it is about 75 degrees and feels really good. 
 Last friday, I went on exchange with the Mount Si elders.  And the water they had was really gross. I took the quickest shower of my life. It smelled really bad.   It smelled like a moldy bouncer..
  On sunday we had dinner with these members. And they picked up a cheesecake from safeway.  We ate about a 1/4 of it. Then they gave the rest of it to us. It was awesome.
  Well I have to go to district meeting.  June is going to be an exciting month.  Are mission is going to baptise 100 people. And when we do that, President Larkin is going to climb Mt. Si and put a flag on the top of it.  Have a great week! Don't work to hard:)

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